eNetfusion helps businesses in the US to tap the Indian market. We partner companies intending to enter India, specifically in brand marketing space.

Towards this eNetFusion is partnered with Celsius100, a brand marketing consultancy firm in India. Our partners have more than three decades of experience in successfully launching and establishing brands across a wide spectrum of product and service categories.

India: a booming global destination
Though steeped in thousands of years or rich heritage, India is a surprisingly young nation with more than 60% of its populace below the age of 30 years. The potential of India is just beginning to be unleashed. With a consistent GDP growth rate of 7-9% over the last five years and above 6% in the last decade, it is a vibrant economy of $1,000 billion in size. Last year alone, nearly $20 billion in foreign investment flowed into the Indian market.

The fact is there is no one India – it is a nation of many Indias, each bringing its own values and traits to the marketplace. Brands highly successful in the West usually find the going tough while navigating through the cultural labyrinth of the sub-continental Indian mind.

That is where our vast experience and intimate understanding of consumers can make the difference while guiding US businesses to success.

In marketing partnership, our interface is in four critical domains:

  1. Consumer insight driven product development
  2. Co-creating a brand marketing strategy with the marketing team
  3. Designing innovative marketing-mix, and
  4. Training marketing teams for effective market engineering.

eNetFusion and our partner Celsius100 are different from most other consultancy firms because the teams work hands on instead of making mere recommendations. So, instead of giving advice we bring our wealth of experience to work together with client teams.